Marako Marcus & The Anjo Project

Marako enjoys dabbling with lofi, ambient, cinematic, post-rock styles. His influences include Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Yes, Santana, Hans Zimmer, Dire Straits, U2, Coldplay, Lights & Motion, Hammock, Balmorhea, and Ed Sheeran.

Each of us needs a message, of unrelenting hope, of positive belief, of curious discovery. Each song comes with a unique message for every listener. Marako Marcus is a musician and composer in experimental music, with a passion for exploring scenes through history and time, life experiences, and “painting” it into a musical canvas.

His first recordings were actually on audio cassette in the 90s, and the recently released ambient guitar synth single titled “Discordant Imperfections of Beauty” is a remake from one of those early songs.

The Anjo Project is a side project, bringing together various artists from around the world, working on different collaborations in different genres.

Marako is also a Creativity Author, Apparel Designer, Udemy Creativity Facilitator, and Life Coach

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