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Marako enjoys dabbling with lofi, experimental, ambient, chill-out, jazzhop, relaxing, easy listening, cinematic, shoegaze and post-rock styles. His influences include Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Yes, Santana, Hans Zimmer, Dire Straits, U2, Coldplay, Lights & Motion, Hammock, Balmorhea, and Ed Sheeran.

Each of us needs a message, of unrelenting hope, of positive belief, of curious discovery. Each song comes with a unique message for every listener. Marako Marcus is a musician and composer in experimental music, with a passion for exploring scenes through history and time, life experiences, and “painting” it into a musical canvas.

His first recordings were actually on audio cassette in the 90s, and the recently released ambient guitar synth single titled “Discordant Imperfections of Beauty” is a remake from one of those early songs.

Marako’s self-titled debut EP launched in 2020. Marako’s personal musical goal is to create a reflective experience for listeners through cinematic compositions. Close your eyes, and immerse yourself into the music. Get ready for your own journey!

The Anjo Project is a side project, bringing together various artists from around the world, working on different collaborations in different genres.

Marako is also an author of books and articles on inspiring Creativity and Teamwork. His books can be found on all major digital bookstores.

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