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“Marako Marcus’ dreamscaped music helps remind everyone to withdraw from our busy distractions of life, to take precious time for rest and reflection.

His latest instrumental release “Unceasing Love Divine” showers us with the hushed mellow rhythm of an acoustic guitar, intertwined with uplifting melodic guitar fills, and atmospheric layering of strings and piano.

~ IndiePulse Music

“With his ambient, lo-fi artistic signature, Marako Marcus has the power to heal you, to transport you out of the daily routine, in a world rocked by positive feeling and dreamy sensations.”

~ The Further Magazine (France)

“At the beginning of the arrangement, there is a simple riffing of the acoustic guitar, to which psychedelic sounds from spherical synthesizers and piano tone sequences are soon added. Here Marako Marcus builds up an interesting melange of sounds and delivers an ambient piece …

Here Marako Marcus makes music that you have to get involved with and whoever succeeds in doing that will understand what it is about and will be happy to listen again.”

~ eXcess Magazine (Germany)

“Each one of Marako Marcus‘ songs have a story and in the case of Raindrops of Refreshing, it is about relaxing at the end of each day focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.

It is a soothing song that relies on acoustic guitars to captivate the listener.”

~ The Alternative Mixtapes (USA)

“He captivates his followers with nostalgic guitar riffs rendered in slow tempo that soars freely in his ambient music.”

~ Art Music Works (Philippines)

Reviews & Interviews

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